Wing Tagging

Wing Tagged Juvenile Male Hen Harrier, West Clare 2008 
Colour tags are fitted to some Hen Harriers as chicks, so that when the general public see a bird with colourful tags on its back, they can report the sightings to This wing tag programme, in place since 2006 has provided a great picture of the movements and survival of Hen Harriers across Ireland. We have had birds from Ireland travel oversees and be reported back to us! We have had birds from overseas travel to our shores here in Ireland! We have met up with young birds that we had in our hands in the summer, hundreds of kilometres away in the winter! If you see any Hen Harrier, with or without wing tags, be sure to report your sighting to


  1. Very sad to see these beautiful birds declining, I have seen them fly over our B&B (near Newmarket in North Cork) in previous years but not for a while. Last sighting female May 2012 in Rockchapel near Lough Gay

  2. I am a wildlife photographer based in Sussex and would be glad to report any sightings on my patch. Meanwhile keep up the good work.