Sunday, 17 April 2016

Hen Harrier Diaries: Entry No. 3

Hen Harrier Diaries: Entry No 3

The spectacular Hen Harrier breeding season was in full flow again today. The warm air and gentle breeze helped the birds soar to astonishing heights. Two traditional breeding sites in Kerry were checked today.

One of the breeding sites checked today is very special, it is the birth place of a very special bird 'Heather'. Today's watch was similar to a previous watch from Entry 1, for 2 hrs there was nothing seen just as the watch was about to ...come to a conclusion a Hooded Crow alerted me to the females presence, he scrambled over a kilometre to confront the on rushing female, he soon gave up his quest when he realised the enormous size of this female, she gracefully went about her business gliding elegantly towards her awaiting male companion, on her arrival the excited male immediately set off in a sky dance reaching 80 peaks, the female then decide to take to the sky's herself, taking full advantage of the warm thermals soaring to extreme heights, it was an immensely enjoyable way to spend 2.5 hours.

The second site checked today had been one of the most productive nesting sites over the last number of year's. The Male at this site gave an excellent display of sky dancing reaching 110 peaks, his Female counterpart did not show herself today, but there was encouraging signs that she was not too far away, the Male sky danced directly over a bunch of willow and returned several time and perched on the willow maybe signaling the Female was present , hopefully she will reveal herself next time.
Stay tuned for various updates over the coming days.

Thank you Hen Harrier Ireland


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